Artillery Shell Cases

World Class Fireworks

A World Class exclusive piece, which has been used at Super Bowls and professional shoots across the country. Each case consists of 12 boxes with 8 mine break shells in each box. These shell effects consists of color stars, golden & green comet tails, crackling blue & purple stars, whistling with reports, red comet tail, crackling with reports and red stars, all packed in a variety of colors and different patterns. Try these breaks and see what the “CRITICAL ACCLAIM” is all about.

Great unique effects makes this item stand out in any situation.

NOTE: As stated above, this is a MINE effect. This effect is a Extremely popular with Pyrotechnics and crowds love it! But most consumers do not understand what the difference is between a Mine effect and a normal artillery shell.

 Artillery shells are loaded into the tube and shoot the device into the air, at a precise height the shell explodes and produces the desired effect.

Mine Shells are loaded into the tube the same way, but the effect explodes inside the tube and is forced upward into the air. The effect is extremely bright and lights up a large area with the desired effect.  Most people understand this effect best  explained as it looks like a upside down Christmas tree shape in the sky.