Sparkler Cases

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Emits gold sparks for approx. 2 minutes. 20 inch metal wire. 24 piece package.

Red, green, yellow, blue and purple neon sparklers! 5PK

These 10" gold sparklers are great for any festive occasion! These sparklers are made with wire cores instead of bamboo wood, so that they burn much cleaner and with far less smoke. They burn for just under a minute, so they're perfect as birthday party sparklers and 4th of July...

20" gold sparklers with a bamboo wood handle. Each sparkler emits color sparks for approximately 30 seconds. Gold sparklers emit less smoke and are less flare like. Bamboo stick will not get hot like metal sparklers making it the safest of all sparklers.

Excellent by itself, or as a lighting station for everyone's sparklers. Stick one in the ground and light it; these babies burn for 3 minutes! The 36-inch Cutting Edge brand sparklers come packed four pieces to a sleeve. Easy Lightin'.

These 10" color sparklers come in red, green, and gold - 4 boxes of each color. The effect is more torch-like than a traditional gold sparkler because of the added color, but is still a fun addition for parties and celebrations!