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Colorful smoke tail to crackling with report.This is daytime cake, make your sky multicoloured.

Pink Smoke, Over 60 Seconds Burning Time. Great!​

Blue Smoke, Over 60 SecondsBurning Time. Great!​

Vividly-rich Smoke Colors with over 50 Seconds, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Orange 6 Colors.

No fuse. Just pull the string and throw like a hand grenade.The GRENADE lasts 1 minutes of Red to White to Blue color changing smoke.

Red, White, Blue change colors smoke, duration 1 minute.

No Fuse. Just Pull the String and Throw Like a Hand Grenade. the Grenade Lasts 1 Minutes of White Smoke.​

5 Minutes of Heavy White Smoke.

These balls are giant! Softball-sized smoke bombs you have to see to believe!

Emits white smoke for approx. 1 minute. Unit size: 5 x 7/8 inches. Choose from 1 piece or 24 piece box.

This item comes packed 72/2 and has a lot of shelf appeal. Gushing pink smoke that is so thick you could lose the Pink Panther.

A long duration smoke canister that unleashes red, green, yellow, and blue smoke. Over 30 seconds each. Packed 48/4.

This is a bigger version of the classic smoke ball!! The assortment of large clay balls shoot out a cloud of smoke into the air. A must for every fireworks enthusiast! 3 color smoke balls, red, blue and yellow

This is a long lasting smoke fountain. It has very good duration with very vividly colored thick billowing smoke. The six different colors are red, green, gold, blue, orange and white.

Beautiful & Dense Pink Smoke (Duration 1 min)

A great item! These tubes are 45 seconds with a great label for retail. 24 packs of red, green, yellow, and blue.

Huge red, white, and blue smoke balls.