Roman Candle Cases

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BlackJack Case BlackJack Case

Four candles in one pack, each with a different effect. 1. Gold palm tails and chrysanthemum. 2. Silver palm tails and chrysanthemum. 3. Silver glittering willows and silver glitter. 4. Lemon palm tails and red pearls.
Pyropaint Balls Case Pyropaint Balls Case

Crackling with blue, green, white and red stars. 7 SHOTS PER CANDLE
Crazy Aces Case Crazy Aces Case

BP3049-1 Crazy Spades - 5 shots. BP3049-2 Crazy Hearts - 5 Shots. BP3049-3 Crazy Clubs - 5 Shots. BP3049-4 Crazy Diamonds - 5 Shots. 5 SHOTS PER CANDLE
Boomer 5 Ball Roman Candle Case Boomer 5 Ball Roman Candle Case

5 shots per candle.Multi color balls.
Poisonous Spiders (Viper) Case Poisonous Spiders (Viper) Case

Blue sparkler, golden chrysanthemum, golden glitter tail