Parachute Cases

Parachute Cases8 Products

Spider Sky Case Spider Sky Case

This single shot item produces Two"spider" of weighted streamers that float through the air.  Great Daytime Fireworks
Military Paratrooper Case Military Paratrooper Case

Shoot parachute in air with crackling or smoke effect.(Toy soldier has movable head, arms and legs)
Parachute Battalion Case Parachute Battalion Case

Fill the sky with 33 parachutes. Each shot releases 3 parachutes - a great daytime item!
Drop Zone Case Drop Zone Case

Huge 109" parachute with army man attached.
Captain Sam Case Captain Sam Case

Call on the Captain. He and his 29 cohorts parachute to earth carrying American flags in trails of purple, blue, yellow and green smoke. Six shot finale. 30 SHOTS Note: This item is for daytime use only. 30 SHOTS
Airborne Operations Case Airborne Operations Case

A not-so-secret assault of parachutes with crackling and red flash followed by parachutes with whistling. This 19 shot operation ends with a three-shot finale. 19 SHOTS
Geronimo Case Geronimo Case

This item shoots a single large parachute up into the sky. This is a daytime item and has an army man attached to the bottom of the parachute. As the parachute descends it leaves a trail of red and blue smoke as it falls to the ground. Great item for...
Mammoth 40" Giant Parachute Case Mammoth 40" Giant Parachute Case

Four pack of large parachutes to use in the day light hours. This classic parachute item shoots a mammoth parachute high into the sky with crackling spinners