Ground Spinner Cases

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These bees spin at a high velocity before stinging with a loud crackling burst. Spinner Twirl on Ground in High Speed. Ends With Loud Crackling.

Spins on ground, emits titanium flower, red and green light, ends with red and green pearls with crackle

Gotta love this special lotus spinner that opens with a green wheel, then rotates to red lotus flower shape.

Spins on the Ground Emits Flame and Sparks. 48 strips of 12 pieces

Ground bloom with red/green/yellow glitter

A super-sized version of this American classic. Newly re-designed product now delivers over 30 seconds of constant silver crackle and sparks. By far some of the loudest and best crackle available in the fireworks market today. Better performance, but still offered at a great price.

JUMPING JACKS are the colorful parkour-ing ground bees of the pyrotechnic world - they buzz, spin on the ground, "jump" up and down, and emit red and green sparks. Each small brick contains 12 strings of 12 Jumping Jacks.