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Bright multi-color fish to spiders and a colorful finish. Long duration.

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(A)*3 golden willow, silver willow; (B)*2 fountain powder, snow chrysanthemum; (C)*1 fountain powder, red fish, green fish, yellow fish, blue fish, purple fish; (D)*3 fountain powder, white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; (E)*3 fountain powder, yellow fountain, crackle chrysanthemum, blue sparkler.

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Apx. 2 Minutes Of Crackling. The Unit Will Disappear With No Mess To Clean Up.

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A hot and spicy mix that adds some zip to your favorite celebration. A concoction of red, green, orange, blue and yellow stars, mixed with silver chrysanthemums and crackling stars, lemon and white glitter, silver showers and whistles. Fountain

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Full speed ahead with blue stars and gold crackling glitter, red and green stars with gold and silver chrysanthemums, blue stars with silver chrysanthemums and silver crackling and silver whistling throughout. Fountain

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Put a spring in your step with the extra zesty dollop of crackling flowers and a silver crackling shower with blue pearls, then a gold crackling shower with blue pearls. Fountain

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Whistle, Gold Glitter, Assorted Color Star, Pine Tree, Titanium Glittering, White Chrysanthemum.  Ends with Loud Crackling Stars. Fountain

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Trigger some fun with silver chrysanthemums with red pearls, gold crackling with red and green pearls, whistles, and silver crackling showers with yellow and green pearls. Fountain

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This great fountain lasts over 2 minutes! Whack-A-Mole puts out a long-lasting fountain show with assorted effects and great packaging.

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Blue Pearl to Chrysanthemum, Lemon to Silver Sparks, Orange to Popping Star, Red Pearl to Gold Glitter, Green Pearl to Gold Crackling, Red and Green Chrysanthemum to Popping Star

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When the stars come out they are red, then silver chrysanthemums with yellow and green stars, silver flowers with purple stars, silver glitter with red and blue stars. Following, is silver crackling with yellow stars, blue stars, and then red shower with crackling and red and yellow stars.

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A little sliver of silver in a dark sky.

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Focus on this fun camera-resembling fountain emitting green/purple fish amid silver shower, golden/silver chrysanthemum and flashing finale!

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Get the showers going with this can of Rain Maker. Red and blue stars with fringy flowers and then come silver showers. Red stars with crackling; green stars with yellow glitter then silver showers. Green stars with crackling, orange stars with white chry

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A delicious mix of green stars and purple and crackling and purple and white flowers and purple and more crackling and purple and yellow stars and purple and pine needles and purple-Grape Stuff!

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Vibrant colors of red, green fish to yellow, blue and purple fish. Very colorful fountain.

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Gold Glittering with Red and Green Pearls, Crackling Stars, Whistle, Crackling Gold Pine. Ends with Popping Stars.

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Don't let the size of these little guys fool you, they are loud! 90 second crackling jumping firecracker from Winda.

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Showers of silver sparks over 3 meters high

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Showers of golden or silver sparks over 2-6 meters in height

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Naughty Boys is a small, intense crackling fountain. After burning for 90 seconds, nothing is left - no paper, no clay, no tube, no debris!

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Your lucky star is full of silver flowers with red and blue pearls with gold flowers. Silver chrysanthemum with red and green pearls. Silver chrysanthemum. Red, green and blue pearls with flying fish. Red and green pearls with titanium crackling.

$24.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Something's fishy about this fountain! Must be the unique shape, multi-colored fish effect, silk chrysanthemum, and laser and titanium explosion finale!