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Beautiful Red Plum Effect 25 SHOTS

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Brocade tail to brocade crown, color peony, red and green palm to crackling rain; red, blue, and silver glitter; red tail to red and green glitter, blue and silver glitter, purple and green glitter, and cracking rain. 16 SHOTS

2" Rack 1) Red wave with red glitter 2) Blue wave with green glitter 3) Green wave with red glitter. 10 SHOTS

Fast paced cake combining whistles, willows and brocades featuring a variety of colors. 25 SHOTS

130 shots of red glittering tail comets. Shoots back and forth at a stead pace with very little sound.Duration: 35 sec.

Enjoy the colors of the rainbow spread across the sky. Vibrant hues make this a fan-favorite. 25 SHOTS

Each break in this cake is a red, white, and blue spectacular! The label comes one side red, one side white, and one side blue with stars to stack as an American flag. 25 SHOTS

Feel the force of Black Beards cannons and see the sparkling jewels from his treasure trove. Features neon color stars with red, white and gold glitter. 9 SHOTS

Enjoy the expansive breaks from these majestic 9-shot cakes. Big, loud breaks with assorted effects from Sky Bacon.

POWERFUL AND HUGE BREAK OF BROCADES to Assorted Color Pistil and Glittering. 12 SHOTS

Blue mines to brocade, blue and red tails to peach with report. 9 SHOTS

2" 9 shot brocade crown and multi-chrys.

Break Out:. Silver to red tip breaks with strobe. 3 volley double break endings. Color: Silver Color: Red Special Effects: Volley Rows Up

Opening back and forth volleys of red strobes with pink, green and blue stars; Then to separate barrage sets of multicolor mines and screaming whistles to: 1)  gold brocade and red strobes; 2) Multicolor dahlia with golden strobes and; 3) Red and blue tipped color crackling palms. 42 SHOTS

Premium Red – Extraordinary pigeon blood dahlias with green strobes, brocade crown. Premium Lemon – Extraordinary Lemon dahlias with red strobes, palm tree. Premium Green – Extraordinary green dahlias with golden strobes, golden strobe willow. Premium Purple – Extraordinary purple dahlias with white strobes, chrysanthemum.  9 SHOTS

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Six shots each of the following: (1) white, green and red comets. (2) white, green and red comet tail burst into white, green and red bouquets. (3) gold and silver flying fish. (4) silver spinners. (5) whistling tails with reports and (6) quickened final shots of white, green and red...

An attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets with crackling tail and blue bouquets with crackling tails. Twelve of the 36 shots in a HUGE finale.

Super processing power - red, green, blue and purple stars with silver glitter, chrysanthemum mines to red tail to red and silver glitter, to green tail to purple and green glitter, blue tail to blue and silver glitter. 54 SHOTS

Fireworks!?! Just because! Row 1/3/5 same effect - green and gold mines to sea-blue stars. Row 2 - gold willows to red stars and Row 4 - gold willows to green stars. Ends with a three-shot finale of gold willows to red, green and blue stars. 33 SHOTS

Game over? Not yet…crackling mines to silver tails to red and green, red and yellow, or red and blue stars with silver glitter; and to purple palms, or orange palms with cracking. 20 SHOTS

Get with The Program of crackling tails to brocade with red, green and blue stars, and brocade tails to brocade with silver glitter, and blue stars with multicolored falling leaves. Then brocade tails to sky-blue dahlia with silver glitter, or to brocade with blue stars and blue stars and flying...

Oneheckuva show with 48 shots of multicolored mines. Oneheckuva finale with green glittering tails to red and green crackling willows. 53 SHOTS

Hold on tight with silver glittering tails to brocade with red glitter, silver glitter, green glitter and blue stars, then titanium tails to delayed crackling willows. 15 SHOTS

Cook up the crazy with red glitter and crackling mines to red palms with delayed crackling, and to yellow palms with green glitter, then green stars with delayed crackling. Next, brocade, red glitter with blue stars, and silver glitter with chrysanthemums. 21 SHOTS