Cakes Multi-Shot Cases

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(A)*1 fountain powder, red sparkler, green sparkler, titanium chrysanthemum; (B)*1 fountain powder, red sparkler, blue sparkler, crackle; (C)*1 fountain powder, orange sparkler, long crackle.

96 Shot Of Zigzag cakes - Color Star With Comet Tails And Loud Report. Ends With Rapid Shots Of Crackling Stars 96 SHOTS

Puts on a very impressive show with 18 brilliant shots of brocade mine to triple burst of gold and vibrant glittering willow to color and glitter pistils. Ends with big bursts of silver silk willow and golden glitter. 18 SHOTS

2 Stages Fan Cake, 7 Shots in a time, 6 rows in total:​Each row comes with Red White Glitter and Blue with Crackling Bouquet / 1st and 4th rows Brocade Tail to Brocade with Silver Glitter /2nd and 5th rows Brocade Tail to Brocade with Green Glitter /​3rd and 6th...

Brocade palm with blue stars, red strobes, and timerain. 36 SHOTS

Stunning big GOLD palm trees, w/ blue pearls, strobes, and crackle! 25 SHOTS

Gold tail to ruby, lemon, blue, green, and orange dahlias with strobe, or crackling willow with color.  Finale of brocade palm to time rain chrysanthemum.  19 SHOTS. 

Old-school tour billions, an ancient pyro effect, join new-time flying fish to ruby and blue dahlias with strobes and timerain! 25 SHOTS

Discover a rainbow of colorful mine and peonies! 30 SHOTS

Mardi gras comes to you with loud whistling mine with colors to bursts of ruby/emerald/lemon/blue assorted dahlias with color strobes and titanium chrysanthemum. Carnivale in a cake! 26 SHOTS

Cake of deep purple.  Royal purple tails to purple palms and dahlias with time rain, spinning flowers and chrysanthemums.  30 SHOTS.

Silver whirls with color strobing mines to lemon/blue/purple/orange/emerald/peach dahlias with red/gold strobes. Magical! 30 SHOTS

Magical half and half color-changing peonies with brocade rings! 9 SHOTS

Plus-sized golden palm with green strobes; brocade crown horsetails to titanium chrysanthemum tips; white strobing willow with color dahlias; golden willow horsetails to white strobing tips. Finale King Kamuro breaks with white strobe and giant crackling willow. Two tons of fun! 30 SHOTS

A real beauty! This fan cake spreads out red dahlia mines to red dahlia breaks, blue dahlia mines to blue dahlia breaks, green dahlia mines to green dahlia breaks, purple dahlia mines to purple dahlia breaks. Ends with a crackling mine to palm with crackling pistil. 25 SHOTS

24 shot fan cake with glittering gold palms to variegated colors. All shells have ascending gold glitter tails.

Blinding strobe cake with rich red dahlias. Long-lasting brilliant strobes on both mine and aerial levels light up the night sky! 38 SHOTS

A ring effects collector's dream, rack sports an impressive range of double-rings and palm rings. Put a ring on this one! 9 SHOTS

Get this perfect 500 gram cake with 9 shots. It will not disappoint! Every shot includes a perfect brocade ring with a perfect red inner ring! 9 SHOTS

Crackling mine to huge breaks of golden willow changing to red/green/purple/blue tips with crackling pistils. Impressive performance! 10 SHOTS

Brilliant, huge, loud, symmetrical, long-lasting brocade crown with multi-color falling leaves. 9 SHOTS

Unique V-shaped brocade crown mines with color mine to aerial dahlias sandwiched with timerains! 45 SHOTS

Panoramic shots of strobe/crackling/color pearl triple layer mines to palms, dahlias, brocade crown and cool crackling willows with strobes and colors. Exhilaratingly rich performance! 33 SHOTS

This 16 shot, 500 gram cake from Winda combines golden willows with crackle and time rain chrysanthemums with tons of power!