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6 cakes, each effect with loud breaks and beautiful & bright colors. 01 - Red green falling leaves with crackling, purple green falling leaves with white glitters; yellow blue with crackling, ending with amazing finale of mines and colorful falling leaves with crackling. 12 SHOTS 02 - Red, green, blue...

Whirly tails, vibrant colors, with falling leaves. This one s a real show stopper. Chrysanthemum, Fallen leaves, Glitter, Tail 24 SHOTS

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Yowza – look at that - pink, garnet and green dahlias with silver glitter, then large brocade with green glitter. Red and silver glittering willows with crackling, then gold palms with silver glitter. Ends with a three-shot finale of garnet dahlias with crackling. 21 SHOTS

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A magical effect, each shot is half-and-half color-changing peonies with brocade rings! 9 SHOTS

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Wicked Cool this one; red flying fish with green glitter, green flying fish with red glitter, gold flying fish with blue stars and silver flying fish and silver flying fish with purple glitter. A huge seven shot finale of gold brocade to red and green glitter. 49 SHOTS

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This 42 shot, 500 gram cake is fast paced and hard hitting for a great finale piece! Opening back and forth volleys of red strobes with pink, green and blue stars; Then to separate barrage sets of multicolor mines and screaming whistles to: 1)  gold brocade and red strobes; 2)...

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Have we got a deal for you - golden tails to golden palms with crackling flowers, then silver tails to silver palms with crackling flowers. Ends with a five-shot finale of silver tails to silver palms with crackling flowers. 32 SHOTS

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Puts on a very impressive show with 18 brilliant shots of brocade mine to triple burst of gold and vibrant glittering willow to color and glitter pistils. Ends with big bursts of silver silk willow and golden glitter. 18 SHOTS

Waving shots of color, crackling and whistling tails alternating with big breaks of multi-color glittering willows. Double level display doubles the pleasure! 192 SHOTS.  “Amazing Ballet” second generation! Besides traditional red white blue waving the sky and also multi color glittering willow above will give you a real double stage...

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Thick willow tails to golden willow bursts with red, green and blue dahlias, alternated with panoramic shooting of strobing tails to red, white and crackling willows! Love willows? Killer Cake. 24 SHOTS

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Three BIG shots of brocade, red stars and silver brocade then a fan of crackling chrysanthemums. Three BIG shots of brocade, red stars and silver brocade then a fan of red stars, green glitter and blue stars. A final three BIG shots of red, yellow and blue stars with crackling....

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Golden bouquet mines with crackling ends with a grand finale. 49 SHOTS

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Silver palms with red glitter, silver palms with green glitter. Garnet and green stars with silver glitter, orange and green stars with silver glitter, yellow and green stars with silver glitter, pink and green stars with silver glitter. Delayed chrysanthemums. Two - shot finale of purple and yellow stars with...

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Blue mines to brocade, blue and red tails to peach with report. 9 SHOTS

A great 9-shot rack from Brothers, Tang Dynasty puts on a superb red and silver show of peonies with glittering pistil and a finale of crackling palms. Packed 4-per-case so you can spend less on shipping and more on fireworks. 9 2" SHOTS

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Massive symmetrical red/green/silver/gold waves. Professional performance in a consumer cake! 12 SHOTS One of Windas top cakes, Super Stunt packs a punch. Two-inch tubes launch shells of red, green, silver, and golden wave. Incredibly massive breaks!

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Win the race with red, yellow, green and white tails to palm and crackling. 16 SHOTS

Super Good saves the day with fanned rows of gorgeous gold glittering tails, color crossettes, silver whirlwind, loud whistle, brocade, and crackle! An amazing fanned cake with a little bit of everything. 60 SHOTS

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This show-in-a-box from Winda puts on an intense display of silver whirling chasing tails shot in Vs, Ws, and fan shapes.  Also shoots palm tree with strobe, colorful peony with crackling, and silver wave with red strobe. 12 SHOTS

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This 30 shot, 500 gram cake packs a great, colorful punch at a great price!  Wonderful V-shaped blue, red and lemon twin tails within between big bursts of blue&red, lemon&orange, purple&blue dahlias with long lasting strobes. Grand finale of brocade crowns with color dahlias!

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25 Shots stunning big gold palm trees, with blue pearls, strobes, and crackle!

Stoked with red stars to brocade, lemon stars to brocade, and blue stars to brocade. Ends with a three-shot finale. 9 3" SHOTS