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Get the bright lights and loud noises of Vegas packed into one cake. Features a mix of purple palm with crackle, silver tail to silver cyclone, and silver screaming comet. Impressive mix of BIG breaks! 19 SHOTS

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Ten shots of silver tails to alternating peachy stars with silver glitter, orange stars with green glitter, purple stars with silver, and golden willows with green glitter, ending in a 3-shot finale of silver tails to gold willows. 13 SHOTS 39 seconds

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Cook up the crazy with red glitter and crackling mines to red palms with delayed crackling, and to yellow palms with green glitter, then green stars with delayed crackling. Next, brocade, red glitter with blue stars, and silver glitter with chrysanthemums. 21 SHOTS

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350g Assortment – 4 cakes – 4 x 16 SHOTS. Whistling, glittering, colored tails to stars, glitter, palms, whistles and willows. BP-A021-1 Regal BP-A021-2 Imperial BP-A021-3 Sovereign BP-A021-4 Majestic.

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At Night. Take Flight. Three shots at a time of gold palm tails to red, green, yellow, purple, blue pearls with golden palm. 15 SHOTS

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Comes with big shots rising with purple tail to crackling flowers and ends with a 6 shot finale. 16 SHOTS

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Green Tail to Red Dahlia with Blue /Silver Glitter / Crackling 16 SHOTS

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Dominate your neighborhood fireworks by firing color tail to brocade with color glitter. Ends with a four-shot finale of red and blue pearls with silver glitter. 16 SHOTS

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2/4. These 4 assorted cakes will be the stars of your fireworks display. SLAM DUNK - Red, yellow, green and white tails to palm and crackling. Duration: 35 secs. HAT TRICK - Green and silver glittering tails to green palm & res stars with glitter, gold stars with crackling flower....