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Whirlwind of Caribbean Sea Whirlwind of Caribbean Sea

$27.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Red, green and blue tail to strobing star and silver swirling with a red, green and blue heart. 19 SHOTS
Twitter Glitter Multishot Twitter Glitter Multishot

$27.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Starts with a colorful fountain and then ejects colored stars and reports with whistle. A fantastic value for retail sales. 25 SHOTS
Tough Stuff Tough Stuff

$39.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Tough Stuff - can't get enough. Nine shots of alternating red, green and gold glitter with delayed crackling. 9 SHOTS
Thunder Struck Thunder Struck

$27.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Thunder Storm Thunder Storm

$12.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Red/green sparkler w/crackling. Crackling tail rising high up then topped multi-colored pearls and crackles 16 SHOTS
The Cowboy The Cowboy

$39.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
White Glitter Mine, Red Glitter Sparkler, Green Glitter Sparkler, White Glitter Sparkler. 25 SHOTS
Ten - 4 Ten - 4

$44.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Fire it up with green tail to golden crackling willows, red tail to blue stars with gold glitter, crackling tail to green pearls with crackling, then alternating rows of gold comets and crackling comets. Ends with a 3-shot blast of green tail to golden crackling. 38 SHOTS
Super Stallion Super Stallion

$24.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Blue, green and red tail to blue, green and red bouquets with crackling. 16 SHOTS
Super Sonic Super Sonic

$39.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Color tails to big bursts of colors and strobes, alternated with piercing whistle tails. Big brocade crown finale. Super sonic whistles! 25 SHOTS
Strong Man Strong Man

$9.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Powerful multi-color palm tree with silver strobe, crackle and timerain. 16 SHOTS
Sky Streamers Sky Streamers

$69.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Sky Bacon brings you Sky Streamers for some daytime fireworks fun! Fires 30 shots of colorful streamers that dance on the air and float slowly back down to earth.
Silver Screen Silver Screen

$44.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Pass the popcorn as you take in this private showing of crackling tails, v-shaped silver comet tails, silver glitter and crackling stars, v-shaped crackling comet tails and quickened crackling stars. 35 SHOTS
Say Cheese Say Cheese

$24.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Road Trip Road Trip

$39.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Crackling Mine, Silver Chrysanthemum. 25 SHOTS
Rhapsody Rhapsody

$59.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
A cake full of sky graffiti – carmine pearls with silver glitter, green pearls with red glitter, orange pearls with green glitter, and blue pearls with silver glitter. Ends with three shots of orange pearls with crackling and a three-shot finale of pink pearls with crackling. 14 SHOTS
Red, White & Blue Salute Red, White & Blue Salute

$49.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Alternating red, white and blue tails to red, white and blue bouquets and fan-shaped red, white and blue tails to red, white and blue bouquets. Three shots at a time produce fan-shaped effect. Other shots are five at a time. 24 SHOTS
Red, White & Blue Red, White & Blue

$29.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
No flag pole can fly the red, white, and blue as high as this multi-shot! A star-spangled display perfect for any fireworks celebration. 20 SHOTS
Red Tornado Red Tornado

$79.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Red with Silver Glitter / Gold Glitter / Silver Palm / Crackling Chrysanthemum 10 SHOTS
Rainbow Knight Rainbow Knight

$44.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Silver dragon tails to multi-colored bouquets. 25 SHOTS.
Premium Happy Planet Premium Happy Planet

$14.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Light the fuse for alternating shots of red, green, and crackling. 36 SHOTS
Power Power

$44.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
A) Red Palm, White Glitter Sparkler. B) Crackling.
Political Chaos Political Chaos

$14.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Multi-shot cake featuring red tiger tail to skyblue+green glitter + red glitter; green tiger tail to white glitter+green glitter+golden glitter. 6 SHOTS
Neon Show Neon Show

$29.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Silver Chrysanthemum Bouquet to Red Green Sky Blue Lemon Purple with Silver Glitter /​Silver Chrysanthemum Brocade to Red Green Sky Blue Lemon Purple with Silver Chrysanthemum 16 SHOTS
Mummy Awakes Mummy Awakes

$44.99 Buy 1 Get 2 FREE
Multi-Color Peony, Green Glittering Stars. This Cake Has A Very Loud Bursting Sound Before Each Effect. A great cake with amazing effects, Mummy Awakes is a great addition to any show. This cake is a great seller featuring peonies and green glittering stars with report. 16 SHOTS